who we are

COPAT is a company operates in wiring and connection system for the automotive after market since 1977.

The company’s management consists of a team of more than 50 people: employees, professional people

and partners born into multinational companies of this area. This is an efficient team and it is able to meet

customer’s requirements.

During the years COPAT has intensified its commitment into the professionists’ automotive service.

Marketing strategy has been developed starting from a connector, the main product of the company, and

all the things around it: wiring, cable and accessories.

The storehouse, that covers an area of 2500 mq, is divided into a groups of products in order to make

easier a quick research of the requested code. The customer is guided by the selling agent: a part from

being informed on the latest news, he can assist to short demonstration of new products or specific tools.

wants to satisfy customer’s requirement: the industrial packing are converted in a single units

and they are handed out in the COPAT KIT.

is a result of the requirement of making motor cables with a reduced insulator for the after

market, for the specification of the most motor industries, whereas brand

has created a range of tools suitable for the wiring’s upkeep.

we mean all informative courses both the staff and customers.

The aim is to inform the technicians that already have a professional experience and training young

people and all those who have taken up this profession recently.

The program explains how to intervene on the latest electrical wiring and connection systems.

The courses are theoretical and practical, individual or in groups and they are organized according to

the customer’s availability.

COPAT E-COMMERCE and the internet blog it’s possible to discover COPAT’s world and making

use of COPAT’s professional collaboration.